Ballyhoo ”Man On The Moon”


R 150.00

Date & Time

31/12/2017 21:00

Available Seats

” Dance And Sing The New Year In”
With Ballyhoo”Man On The Moon”
Come join us for the party of the year!!!

Ballyhoo has an inspiring energy on stage, their vocal strength offers unique versatility, and coupled with their superb musicianship - They guarantee a show well worth watching.
BALLYHOO originated out of Ireland and as defined in the dictionary means “exaggerated publicity”, and in retrospect, it certainly seems ironic that such a name should have been given to such a talented band – yet it is as ironic that they have achieved as much as they have – without exaggerated publicity. BALLYHOO is a name synonymous with success in the South African music industry. Who can forget the smash hit “Man On The Moon” – the song that took them to the top of the charts in 1981, and is still going strong.
By maintaining the highest standard of professionalism, they thrive on achieving the ultimate in musical entertainment for their audience. Visually Ballyhoo has always been exciting, and their supreme performance cannot be ignored… It is no wonder, that they are still a most sought-after act for exceptional entertainment!